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Seasoned digital business professional with 15 years’ experience generating revenue online plus 6 years in traditional offline marketing. Collaborative leadership style with proven commercial acumen, extensive cross-functional management experience gained from a diverse career. In recent years, end-to-end responsibility, both strategic and operational aspects of major tier one transactional sites. Extensive industry experience in digital, telecommunications and agency-side consulting.


MODEN CONSULTING         ( 2010 – present )


Moden Consulting is my consulting business through which I have worked with various companies to fine tune their business strategy and create websites that supported these goals.

  • Business Requirements for the new website of a multinational accounting product
  • Development of websites for a national charity event, property development, a training company and an Oil and Gas company on the ASX 200.
  • Development and operation of gift site www.gifts4themissus.com.au

BRAINMATES   ( 2012-2013)

 Brainmates is a product management consultancy that has the largest media, communications, government and financial institutions on its client list. Brainmates provide strategic advice and implementation support, as well as training to Australia’s biggest Product Management teams.


In keeping with my experience, I have worked with clients on their digital presence including:

  • Foxtel digital considerations when merging with Austar.
  • Focus groups to provide recommendations for the Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald online store
  • Strategy and implementation advice to Girlosophy.com.au to improve retail results and site efficiencies
  • Business requirements for leading NFP vision related organisation
  • Opportunity Assessment and Product Recommendation, Competitive Analysis, Business and Product Requirements for an exciting digital product in the legal space to be launched based on my recommendations and specifications.

TELSTRA CORPORATION          ( 2001 – 2003 )

 Originally called Advantra, before integrating into Telstra Enterprise and Government, the Bid Management team focussed on complex integrated desktop support contracts and strategic telephony account win-backs.


My role as a Bid Manager in required skills to manage a large virtual team with diverse (and unfamiliar) skill sets from all areas of the business to produce a quality tender response within invariably tight timeframes. I was part of a team working on deals worth more than $200m but more regularly managed 3 to 4 deals at a time valued around $15-20m each.

  • Management of teams of up to 30 people comprising legal, technical, pricing and commercial specialists
  • Determining the most effective way to provide innovative, effective service to potential customers
  • Managing the commercial and legal implications of our offering and the supporting submission
  • Stakeholder management to deliver commercially viable, profitable and supportable submissions
  • Won three strategic deals back from competitors of ongoing importance to Telstra and its market share

TELSTRA BIGPOND    ( 2005 – 2010 )

 Telstra Media Division generatingsupplementary revenue through the development and operation of complimentary transactional sites, increasing the interaction the core customer base has with the BigPond.com destination.

GROUP MANAGER, WWW.SHOP.BIGPOND.COM            ( September 2007 – November 2010)

Championed the creation of this new stream of revenue with Telstra senior management and eventually was piggybacked this model into numerous new sites significantly increasing revenue and traffic to BigPond.com.

  • Development &selling-inthe business case for a new e-commerce aggregator site.
  • Day to day operations of site, managing vendor, partners, stakeholders and cross functional teams.
  • Overall strategic responsibility for product in line with customer drivers including range, focus, growth and marketing
  • Ongoing customer analysis of touchpoints to drive a customer centric offering to market
  • P&L responsibility for BigPondShopping and www.bigpondtickets.showbiz.com.au
  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of promotion strategy including SEO, SEM, product development, brand marketing and tactical campaigns aimed at driving sales and audience, loyalty and repeat purchase.
  • Developed BigPondShopping for mobile including extensive user scenarios and product testing
  • Winner of the BigPond performance award for 2008 for Outstanding Performance and Results
  • Developed the business case and launched www.bigpondtickets.showbiz.com.au and www.travel.bigpond.com .
  • Built transaction volume by 200% month on month for the first 12 months
  • Introduced an accounting method that allowed recognition of the full transaction amount rather than a portion

MANAGER, MEMBER OFFERS, www.memberoffers.bigpond.com October 2005- November 2010

Member Offers is the BigPond loyalty program, developed to encourage loyalty and first time online shoppers to shop online through discounts and incentives. 

  • Expanded from 15 partners to 80, the opt-in base from 690,000 to 1.2 million people and revenue passing through the site increased five fold, to more than $6 million per annum without additional overhead.
  • Development of revenue-sharing partnerships with key online retailers, securing exclusive offers maintaining the value of the site to members and partners
  • Monthly email newsletter to the 1.6 million subscribers and generating advertising revenue without undermining the value of the content
  • All activities relating to the day-to-day operation, management and promotion of the Member Offers program including copywriting, development and operation of the Content Management System, site improvements and customer support
  • Measuring the impact on loyalty, repeat visits, growth, revenue and profit to BigPond and developing strategies to improve each of these metrics.
  • Redesigned  the Content Management System to be a scalable workflow system with multiple input points
  • Winner monthly and quarterly departmental performance awards for outstanding results and commitment.


 Venture Capitalist with www.IMNControl.net.aumail management and www.UTBox.net, fax to emailproducts


Initially appointed to assess the ongoing viability of the UTbox.net product and produce a prospectus to seek cash injection for development of the IMNcontrol product. IMNcontrol was an anti-spam product that dealt with wanted mail rather than spam including a marketplace for mini-apps prior to the Apple AppStore.

  • Development of credible internet market segmentation model based on Myers Briggs and McKinsey personality types and the population percentage of each segment to drive product development for each audience
  • Product development, marketing, segmentation, launch and PR strategies then implementation
  • Market analysis and predictive forecasting regarding the viability of UTBox to the satisfaction of ASX regulations
  • Prepare a prospectus for the overall business in line with ASX and ASIC requirements
  • Investor segmentation based on their investment goals to prioritise potential investors
  • Active participation in capital raising, including cold calling & face-to-face briefings
  • Development of an entire marketing campaign management tool from the ground up, managing every aspect of the customer interaction to maintain consistency, project management control and customer knowledge.
  • Revitalising the UTBox product to achieve greater ARPU to increase shareholder dividend.

ROGERS AT&T WIRELESS – TORONTO, CANADA                  ( 2003 –2004 )

 Rogers AT&T most comparable to Optus here and at the time the focus was on uptake of Wireless devices in partnership with Research In Motion (Blackberry).


  • Market sizing project using the employee count and the weighted industry penetration of wireless devices to estimate the size of the sales opportunity so priority could be given
  • Project management of implementation of this project across all territories
  • Training national sales force across 15 regions on the approach and how to apply it to their sales planning
  • Determination of new sales territories and subsequent size of the sales force required per territory based on the number of companies meeting the criteria
  • Stakeholder management of corporate sales managers and vice presidents to get buy-in for the concept and determine resourcing by region and support

PEARL COMMUNICATIONS (EurekaDeals)     2000

Pearl Communications’ B2C offering (marketed as ‘EurekaDeals’) was an early iteration of true permission based email software capable of generating individual content en masse.


An internet front-end with a software back-end, user-specified requests from various categories on the channel sponsored website were combined into a single email automatically. My role was diverse covering systems development through to marketing segmentation to partnership/advertiser management.

  • Programming algorithms inside the email software to maximise segmentation, filtering and textual effectiveness
  • Business development – both advertisers and channel including cold calling
  • Ground floor involvement in building and testing a new marketing medium, in real time, that would have succeeded in the long term with the appropriate financial support in the initial months
  • Software application development (advertising booking system and order management)

PROJECT MEDIA                    1998 – 2000

A marketing agency that developed and implemented business and marketing strategy for technology companies worldwide.


Promoted to Senior Project Manager within months of joining the company my role expanded from campaign implementation to include a newly created role extension of business and marketing strategy development

  • Consulting and development of integrated marketing campaigns in international markets
  • Product development and full execution of a software product for US market (interactive CD and training video with manual) to be bundled with an existing software solution plus the positioning, branding and subsequent launch into 250,000 US companies
  • Full Account Management and Execution of the campaign process in Australia and US marketplaces including budgeting, scheduling, procurement, risk analysis, crisis management, reporting, supplier management and quality control

Clients included: Content Technologies Worldwide, Computer Associates, Compaq, HP Compaq, EDS, Ericsson.

BUSINESS NEWSPAPERS AUSTRALIA  – Marketing Coordinator         ( 1997 – 1998 )

Business Sydney and Business Queensland were weekly newspapers plus special editions. I was able to introduce marketing to these papers for the first time.

AUSTRALIAN CONSOLIDATED PRESS (ACP) – Advertising Coordinator         ( 1996 -1997 )

Australia’s largest magazine publishing house with a stable of more than 40 titles.



Graduated Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and a sub-major in Human Resource Management

1986-1991 :- LITHGOW HIGH SCHOOL HSC – 75.85%

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