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Specialising in digital business analysis and execution of your online vision, Moden can help you identify key areas of growth for your business and provide you with the online capability to own that opportunity

Moden can look at your business and provide fresh ideas to generate revenue from under-serviced segments without detracting from your core business.

Moden can provide consulting on your existing business and online assets to ensure you are getting the best out of them.

A idea is great but how do you get from here to there. Moden can provide researched and supportable strategies and tactical plans on how to reach your new audience.

Moden has the resources available to deliver high quality websites, from concept through to launch with ongoing technical support, SEO and Social Media implementation.

What we do best

  • Sharpen the focus

    show you areas that can generate the best return for your effort and resources

  • Yet broadening your horizons

    Identify opportunities to supplement your revenue generation activities without diluting your core focus.

  • Flexibility

    Every day is a new day and every client has a different sea to navigate. Moden can work within your budget, within your time frame and within your specific requirements .


  • I had the pleasure of working with Elissa for a couple of years on BigPond Member Offers, where she grew a small customer loyalty programme into one of the best in the Australian market, completely run in-house and then supported her in the launch of BigPond Shopping, one of the most successful BigPond online ventures to date. Elissa is a real 'people' person, diplomatic, happy, caring and thoughtful. She is one of those people who will start a business partnership (or take over a slightly precarious one) and within a few months be invited to the key contact's wedding. Her strengths in this area help with her other ability to consistently complete projects on time, within budget and with happy stakeholders. She'd be an asset to any team.

    Kate Scott Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at Hong Kong CSL Limited
  • I would hire Elissa in a New York minute. She is smart, loyal, reliable and well presented. Her work at Project Media was always first class.

    Phil Ackman Chairman, Advisory Board at Flat Planet
  • I have a great deal of respect for Elissa - personally and professionally; she's extremely focussed and committed at work and brings a great of passion and result orientation. She has extraordinary attention to detail while always being caring and does her best to help anyone around her as well. On a personal level, she is extremely courageous and stands by her beliefs and is a great team player as well. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I recommend her highly.

    Shiju Thomas eCommerce | Digital Media | Marketing & Strategy
  • Elissa has shown tremendous tenacity in her work at BigPond, convincing all the skeptics that a shopping site would make sense and then proving all her doubters wrong with its outstanding performance. Her willingness to jump in the deep end and learn new skills is exceptional. I appreciate working with somebody who has the vision and focus to bring a new site to fruition in the face of what at times seemed insurmountable odds. A better online store manager I have yet to work with.

    Jeremy Kelaher Domain Architect at News Corporation
  • Elissa led the monetisation of on-line customer base by using innovative approaches. She approached suppliers as a true partner, and worked in tandem to optimise the outcome for all stakeholders (but especially the customers!). A great person to team with

    Ron Wodson SVP Accident and Health, Asia Pacific at Liberty International Underwriters
  • I can highly recommend Elissa's work. Elissa was instrumental in helping us to bring our web based products to market in Australia with BigPond / Telstra. She always handled the relationship as a true partnership and she worked hard to generate new marketing ideas and find opportunities for us to promote our content throughout the BigPond portal. Elissa is always friendly, professional, available, thoughtful, and communicative and I believe that she will be a valuable asset to any team that she joins in the future

    Matthew Edmunds Country Sales Director - Philippines at ETP International
  • Elissa is a talented and enthusiastic online marketer who truly understands the value of building strong business partnership. As a small business who was managed by Elissa when she was at Telstra (building the members offers platform and shopping portal) we were provided with every opportunity to take part in large scale marketing activities that are normally only presented to much bigger companies. Elissa personally created opportunities that helped to grow our business, we are still benefiting from her support today

    Hunter Drinan Managing Director AU & NZ at iSUBSCRiBE Pty Ltd
  • Elissa has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to drive traffic and generate online sales. She's a detailed executor who approached our partnership in an enthusiastic and professional manner.

    Vickie Nery ProLiant Server Category Manager at Hewlett-Packard
  • Elissa is a warm, engaging, intelligent and hard working professional with a passion for exceptional achievement. Her entrepreneurial vision allows her to think like a business owner, making her an extremely valuable addition to any organisation seeking growth and she consistently returns outcome focused results.

    Cherie Davies Account Manager - Coles Liquor at Big Red Group
  • I worked with Elissa during the period that she was preparing for and launching BigPond Shopping. A one person dynamo with boundless energy, incredible attention to detail and an immense passion for the project. I don't think I've ever come across anyone that had such a complete 'handle' on every aspect of her business. I would not hesitate to work with Elissa again. Great work ethic, professionalism and all tempered with highly developed sense of humour.

    Karl Kenny IPTV Programming and Promotions

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